A to Z Auto Glass
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A to Z Auto Glass
Quality and Service Guaranteed
Auto Glass History
Cars were sold standard without a windshield and often without doors or side windows
as well in the 1920s. As cars became faster and more common, auto makers began
gradually offering windshields as standard equipment.  
Safety Glass
In the late 1920s, safety glass revolutionized earlier ideas of auto glass. By layering 2
thin panes of regular glass with a thin, adhesive plastic laminate layer, manufacturers
produced glass that could not only withstand a stronger impact without breaking, but
would not produce dangerous shards of glass when it did break. Safety glass posed a
major safety advantage over plate glass, and auto makers quickly adopted laminated
windshields. In the 1960s, the U.S. Government began requiring the use of laminated
windshields on all new cars.

Replacement and Repair
When auto glass does break, it must be repaired or replaced soon. Cracked glass can
quickly become weakened, and large cracks can interfere with a driver's visibility. While
most broken glass must be replaced, inexpensive methods for filling small cracks or
chips with a clear resin polymer is also available from A to Z Auto Glass. In some states
with mandatory annual safety inspections, cars may not be certified as safe when
broken glass is present. Because of the safety risk posed by cracked or broken glass,
replacement services are covered by many standard car insurance policies. Ask us to
help you with your insurance claim.